Frequently Asked Questions

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CBP authors and their works can be purchased through a variety of online and bricks and mortar retailers, including Barnes and Noble and Amazon and smaller independent shops. The books are also available for purchase by independent retailers through the Ingram catalogue. If you have a local book shop you prefer to use and they don’t currently offer a title you’re looking for, please feel free to reach out to us via email at Most stores can order copies directly from the Ingram catalogue, but we can also make arrangements directly with stores.

The short answer is that we’re not limited to any particular genre and prefer works that defy tidy categorization. Cavan Bridge Press determines its catalogue based on the merits of the story being told or topic being explored, not the category into which it fits. Because modern publishing is very much genre-driven, this sometimes means retailers don’t quite know what to do with what our authors are creating. But that’s where we come in: we like fiction and nonfiction that blend genres and the conversations they start. Our readers do, too.

If you’re looking to connect with one of our authors for an interview or speaking engagement, we’d recommend that you reach out to us via email with a synopsis of your request along with details on the purpose of the request and we’ll ensure the author gets back to you. If you’re a reader looking to reach our authors to discuss their books and offer personal feedback, we’re happy to pass along your request along with your contact details. However, out of respect for our authors and their privacy, we prefer to share your request with them and let them initiate contact if/as desired. We hope you can understand.

CBP operates using a curated submission process, through industry-related referrals or agent submissions. Due to the modest size of our current operation, we are currently unable to host open submissions. However, we are always excited to connect with writers and happy to make time to speak with an author to offer ideas, advice, or possible connections.