New Release: Shenanigans by Trina Vargo

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Read this page-turning memoir from Washington insider and longtime advocate for US-Ireland relations Trina Vargo.  As Senator Ted Kennedy’s foreign policy adviser, Trina Vargo was instrumental in the controversial effort to convince President Clinton to grant a travel visa to Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams—a crucial step in the Northern Ireland peace process. Vargo served as the Irish-issues adviser to every Democratic presidential campaign from Dukakis through Obama.

 Vargo has navigated the corridors of power in Ireland and the United States, experiencing first-hand the deep affection each country holds for the other. She has also seen valuable opportunities squandered—and sabotaged—by those on both sides of the Atlantic who jealously defend their turf against imaginative ideas. 

Vargo passionately believes the US-Ireland relationship needs to evolve and to survive. Shenanigans gives an unvarnished account of the challenges and poses serious questions about the future of the relationship that should be carefully considered by anyone who cares deeply about both countries.